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Smart business owners understand the power and importance of mobile marketing. They use mobile apps to connect with customers, share relevant news, offer great deals, increase foot traffic, take reservations, and boost their sales. App Budgie provide the ultimate mobile app development solution for organisations that require an app for their business, a highly functional school app or even a church app, that allows a community to thrive as a result of more effective communication and engagement. It doesn't matter if you deliver a service, sell products in a store, or you are in charge of a sporting club, you know that having a mobile app is the most effective way to reach people on the go. App Budgie are the mobile app designer of choice for many organisations right across Australia. Contact Us for your mobile app development.

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Why your sports club should have a mobile application?

👤 🕔 March 18, 2015 0

How can your club communicate better?
Which is more effective?
a. Going to the local printer and having the latest news about your sports club’s upcoming events printed in the pamphlet form, and then going door to door for distributing the pamphlets in your locality.
b. Delivering updates about your club’s events and latest news, straight into your member’s back pockets from the comfort of your home or office?
Obviously, it’s option ‘b’.
A task that can take days and hours, can now can be accomplished in minutes. Not only does having a mobile app for your sporting club save you time, but money also.
Having a mobile application for your sports club is a one-time investment that generates life long revenue. It bridges the gap between you and your club’s members. Your club members want to know what latest news is that you have in store for them, and with a mobile app they receive up to date news directly into their back pocket.
What are the benefits of a mobile app apart from updating details of events?
Not only do you get to keep your members up to date on all the events your club are planning, but you also get access to instant messaging capability that will keep your community up to date regarding last minute changes to fixtures and game schedules.
The next attention grabber is ‘Ticket Selling’ and ‘Bookings’. This feature focuses on streamlining your sales process. Your members will be able to RSVP to events and book a ticket directly from their mobile device.
If you want to go a level further, you may also have the opportunity to offer live score updates stratight to the app. Keeping everybody up to date with your team’s results even when they can’t make it to the game
You can link your social media accounts with the app so you can build up your Digital circle of communication.
Who can help you create an app for your Sports Club?
Well, that’s what we are here for!! We take care of everything for you, you don’t have to lift finger.
-We will build the application
-You review the app and tell us the changes you need and once we are done with the changes, we submit to both Apple and Android appstores and then…
-You are ready to launch the app
What are you waiting for, take your club to the next level in 2015, with it’s very own mobile app!

How can Mobile Apps Benefit Schools?

👤 🕔 February 16, 2015 0

Mobile apps have increased dramatically in popularity in recent years. In this highly digital and mobile world, the importance of mobile marketing cannot be underestimated. Interactive and useful apps can take your business to greater levels, not only in fetching new prospects but also in retaining current customers or clients.

Even in educational institutions, mobile apps can prove to be really helpful in dispersing knowledge, connecting with each-other, maintaining records, making announcements, giving faculty knowledge, publishing newsletters, notifying alumni, and registering or events etc. App Budgie can help you in formulating a customized and highly-interactive app for any of the purposes within your school.

Class sessions of Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) are very famous these days. These have proved their benefits and functionality, due to which many people are shifting to online classes. In a physical educational set-up also, the role of online and mobile platforms cannot be underrated. Thus, in addition to real classes, online information to read, study, and learn from can prove to be really beneficial for students.

A student has various semesters and has various courses in each semester. Think of an app which provides notes and reading material for each and every current course for learning, previous courses for reference, and future courses for further understanding. Here comes the role of classroom and course app. While the reading material can be downloaded for future offline use; online app will also allow for live discussions among students and teachers for further clarity.

With user-friendly and customized course and classroom app created by App Budgie, students will benefit by easily available learning material and comfort in learning; teachers will benefit by reducing paperwork and making updated material available in the app. All of this can take place in a very easy manner and requires no special technical skills.

In the end, enhanced online and mobile presence will keep your students a step forward than your competitors’ pupils. Thus, more and more students will be willing to join your school due to proven track record and great results.